What We Offer


Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Combination, Hip-Hop and Liturgical Dance


One-hour classes in ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop are offered at beginner through advanced levels. Adults, teenagers and children nine years and over may go directly into a class in the phase of dance that interests them most.  Ballet students preparing for pointe work must be registered in at least two ballet classes a week.


Classes for Children


Girls ages four to eight and boys ages four to six are offered a “combination class.”  This class includes ballet and tap with jazz presented in intervals during the season. Also, boys and girls ages seven and eight are offered combination tap and jazz classes.  We find that these combination classes offered in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels give the younger child a solid background in dance, and they are a valuable preparation for advanced work in a chosen subject.



Liturgical “praise dance” is offered in sessions throughout the school year and the summer.  Liturgical dance is  a form of praise and worship through dance.  Our classes incorporate interpretive dance movements and sign language to gospel music. The class is open to ages seven through adult, and it is taught at a beginner through intermediate level. 


Classes for Teenagers and Adults


Ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced adults will be scheduled on weekday evenings.


Aerobics is offered in sessions throughout the school year and the summer. Aerobic classes consist of aerobic step, jog, calisthenics and light-weight training for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


Private dance instruction is available.  Please call for rates and schedule.


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